Approval of model under the Legal Metrology Government of India

Conveyor Bucket Type Vertical From Fill & Sealing Machine

Technical Specifications

Machine name Conveyor bucket Type VFFS. Machine
Model PPM - 104
Filling System By Manual type (Hade Working Filling)
Filling Capacity 5 to 1000 Gms.
Weighing Speed 1200 Pouches / Hr.
Total Power 1.5 Kw. 220v. Single Phase 50 / 60Hz,
Weight 450 Kg (Approx)
Air Compresser 5 Cfm With 6 bar Pressure
Dimension 2900mm X 940mm X 2100mm (D x W x H)


The FASTEX gusset bag VFFS ( vertical Form Fill Seal) machine & operate on the principle of manual filling systems, are ideal for packing granule, power, solid state materials, such as coffee, potato chips, puffed food, shrimp crackers, peanuts, nuts, popcorns, salt, sugar, tea, seeds, and others.

Main Features

  • FASTEX gusset bag VFFS machine provides SARVO motors for the film drawing down system.
  • The gusset bag vertical form fill seal machine comes with automatic film rectifying deviation.
  • The vertical packaging machine is designed with famous brand PLC TOUCH SCREEN control system and pneumatic system for vertical and horizontal sealing.
  • The gusset bag VFFS machine is compatible with different internal and external measuring devices.