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Dosing Systems

The FASTEX Filling and weighing systems are an integral part of packaging machinery.FASTEX offers product specific filling systems with corresponding volume and performance ranges.
Auger type doser, Cup doser, and Linear weighers give optimum dosing and weighing options for packaging processes. With an integrated microprocessor technology and precise mechanics these systems deliver high filling precision. They are reliable, easy to operate, and offer an efficient and trouble free life through a combination of modern controls and monitoring systems.

Cup Doser

Cup Doser can be effectively used for volumetric filling of free flowing Products. Excellent for Products like salt, detergents, sugar etc.


Precision machined cup assembly
Optional: Motorised volumetric cup adjustment vibrator for product
Easy cup change
High speed
Can be interfaced to check weigher
Special execution for non-free flowing Products

Technical Specifications

Fill volume 1gms. to 1 Kg
Out Put (max.): 250 fills / min.

Auger Doser

Precise and accurate dosing, and reliable product flow makes this a proven filling system. Product protection system like “neutrafill” can be synchronized with the Auger doser to achieve less than 1% residual oxygen levels. Excellent for Products like flour, spice, coffee powder etc.


  • Servo drive for high efficiency and accuracy
  • Proven in food and chemical industries
  • For powdery Products such as wheat flour (Atta) coffee, milk powder, instant mixes, spices, chemicals, pesticides and insecticide powders
  • Gentle product handling to suit Products to be filled
  • Product flow through cross feed auger, vertical drop channel to the agitator hopper and dosing tube
  • All product contact parts made of stainless steel, acrylic and hard anodised aluminum
  • Rigid construction ensuring consistent, high dosing accuracyFast & easy
  • Cleaning due to split agitator hopper design
  • Cross feed auger (optional)

Technical Specifications

Dosing range (min. - max.): 3 Gms. to 5 Kg.*
Out Put (max.): 150 fills / min.*

Linear Weigher

The system enables gentle and accurate dosing of food Products. Available in 1 to 6 track. The linear weigher can be attached to the packaging machines. Perfect for Products like tea, cereals, coffee beans, sesame, capsules, seeds, granulated sugar, salt, nuts, pet food, pesticide, fertilizer, feed, food additives,fertilizer granules, pasta etc.

Multihead Weigher

Fast, precise and maximum weight accuracy is achieved by this system. Multihead weighers can be attached to the packaging machines to achieve the perfect package weight. Best for Products like snack foods, dry fruits, Poteto Chips, candies,fertilizer, feed, food additives,fertilizer granules, pasta etc.